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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

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I was writing a wonderful post about pubic hair in my head during this scene when suddenly it was revealed she was bathing in some flim flam lederhosen thing which is RIDICULOUS. Or maybe she's trying to mitigate her sin of bathing alone? Look here, I'm not really doing this, I have sorta clothes on! Yeah that's it.
I thought in last week's episode Alak made reference to a flimsy piece of clothing that Christie would be wearing while bathing and therefore not be totally naked. That's what I figured Stahma was wearing.
I think you are correct. However if you look at the pic it's clear they wanted us to think we were seeing naked everything. Now maybe they used shadows for that or maybe the flimflam comes with camel toe but it's kind of annoying. Either be the full frontal show or not.

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Oh, and I think Defiance is a bit bitter that it is not on HBO. There is a lot of bathing but since there can't be sex they'll talk alot about sex instead WHILE bathing.

Oh and I do feel sorry for Christie, parents in law from a white white hell.

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