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Re: Vintage FX: Star Trek vs Lost in Space

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And UFO:

The scene above looks brighter and sharper than the CGI of today. Boy does it look good.
It does look good, but I think one of the problems with it is that the depth of field isn't great enough. The ground in the bottom foreground being out of focus gives a definite vibe of "this was a model".

Another problem is that perhaps the lighting doesn't really seem bright enough for real daylight. Also, some of the shadows could be sharper.

Edit: To clarify, in real sunlight, the primary light source is, for all practical purposes, infinitely far away, and it's not a point source. But, in this scene, it looks to me like the light source is aimed at the mobiles, so that it doesn't strike the foreground with equal intensity, and it makes the shadows in the foreground more diffuse than those near the mobiles. The brush does a fair job of fudging that, I think, but it's not perfect.

One other thing is that I'm not convinced that the color of the sunlight is quite right, but that perception could be off and due to a lot of factors.
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