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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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How long till Perry White's namesake African-American son takes over as EIC of the Daily Planet?
From what I remember, Perry White originally had a son that was his own issue, Jerry White who was a big ne'er-do-well that was killed by a gunshot during some bad deal. If they decide to bring in that version in future films, the Afro-American community will be in an uproar (there are already some bloggers who say that Superman could be black instead of white, and have come up with a casting list to support that idea.)
You should have read further.

Later, Perry and Alice adopt an orphaned African-American boy named Keith Robert Parks, who soon has his name changed to Keith Robert White
Since the original Keith Robert White was black and the original Perry White was white, I think that they should make the movie version of Keith (if he even pops up) a white boy. Imagine that; the first adaptation of a white child by a black couple!
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