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Just saw it a few days ago. I was shocked.

I had my qualms with Abram's 2009 Trek, but overall I enjoyed the experience of watching it. STID however, was dull, cliche, and incredibly stupid.

At some point, the movie stops telling a story, and just becomes a mess of various melodrama laden scenes filled with Star Trek references, idiotic plot holes, rehashed sequences and characters that have to constantly explain themselves in order to advance the narrative.

It felt very rushed and slapped together.

Paramount has been trying to force Trek into an action series for the past 23 years. Its sorta worked twice; this wasn't one of them.
Open question.

Why is it that some people seem to see all the flaws the way you do, and other people just lather on this unconditional praise "Loved it!!! Saw it for the 10th time and loved it even more!!!"?

I understand that taste differs, but the polar opposites that I see here are really baffling. I don't expect people to universally hate the movie, but to at least acknowledge that it has flaws. Your specific issues are not at all unique to your experience. They are what a lot of people, professional critics and average moviegoers alike, have been saying.
You have an implied criticism of people who love the movie and see it 10 times yet praise for the people who see it your way (naturally).

I think the movie has a lot of flaws and if they stop you from liking it then that's fine. However if other people can overlook the flaws and inconsistencies and blatant homeage then why aren't their opinions as valid as yours.

You imply that all professional movie critics and average moviegoers agree with you and the rest of us are just delusional. I have a different experience with average moviegoers (don't even know Star Trek) who think its a great movie.

But I'm a bit of a nitpicker and every movie has flaws. I see them especially in Star Trek movies because I know it so well. My non-Star Trek friends don't see them. There are more flaws in TSFS or INS or NEM or GEN or TWOK than there are in STID IMO. Do you want me to list them? I could and I probably haven't seen them in 4 years or more. I still like most of those movies.

And opinions differ some people don't like the Nimoy cameo. I love it. You're not going to convince me otherwise., It isn't a flaw though. A flaw might be Khan not being Spanish or Indian or a Sikh or Carol being English or Kirk having blue eyes
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