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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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My issue with the ship scales for JJ's reboot is that the ships seem too big. A super-ship for no reason just seems dumb.
It's no more a super-ship than the Enterprise-D or E, both of which are significantly larger. Hell, except for the warp nacelles it's about the same size as the Enterprise-C. Maybe this is just the mid 23rd century/pre-refit version of the Ambassador class?

Also, they seemed to do it in the simplest way possible

Keep it simple, stupid.

If they'd gone to redesign the entire ship at the last minute, it probably would have come away looking silly and implausible.

; it's as if they just went into the options menu and clicked the ship size box from 100% to 200%. They didn't bother to shrink any of the outer ports or windows on the ship's hull to fit the more massive size.
Maybe you're not getting where he is coming from. Scaling the ship up without adjusting the specific details is what makes it seem wrong & silly and implausible, and what makes it, in something like your parlance, a MIS.

Make It Stupid.
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