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Re: Why Let Khan Live?

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Look at it this way, would you give a group of Hitlers, Stalins, and Napoleons their very own world? Seems to me it'd be safer just to waste them all.
This is called a "human rights violation." (Or, I suppose in the world of Star Trek, a "sentients' rights violation.") People have the right to live, even if they are monsters; killing someone is only acceptable in the act of immediate self-defense or the immediate defense of others.

Better question:

Why not send Khan and company to a Federation prison?
As was said in Ruling In Hell, Khan & Co. would simply take over a rehab colony/penal settlement (especially the one that was in New Zealand shown in the 'Caretaker' episode of Star Trek: Voyager) and then find a way to get free by contacting outside society and snagging transport to break out of the rehab colony/penal settlement; then instead of Wrath Of Khan, it would be Revenge of Khan, with likely the same result or a similar outcome of Khan encountering the Enterprise and her crew and fighting with them again.

The best way to deal with Khan and his fellow Augments would be to reform him and them with the device shown in the episode 'Dagger of the Mind' or with the technique mentioned by me previously as shown on Babylon 5, but neither exist in the general main continuity of Star Trek save for mentions in one or two of the early novels from Pocket Books (this also reminds me of what Arik Soong tried to do with some Augment embryos in the episode 'The Augments' of Enterprise by trying to modify them to be less 'Augment'-like.) So, we're stuck at square one about what to do with Khan & Co.
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