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Ever since the final 8 the voters have had three choices: Schmaltzy diva-pop, Michelle Chamuel, and the Swon Brothers.
I might restructure this to schmaltzy diva-pop, Michelle Chamuel, and country singers. Not that I necessarily dislike schmaltzy pop or country, but I it is getting old on this show.

I'm seeing the appeal of Danielle Bradbery too, simply because her coach chooses really good songs for her voice and, as Blake said last night, she is able to hold notes in a very clear and smooth way. It can sound soothing in comparison to Sasha Allen's trilly, big performances.

The show isn't over yet on the West coast so I don't know the results quite yet. I would guess that Amber and Sasha go home.

I'm still surprised that the Swon brothers are so popular. They aren't bad singers by any means, but unlike the other contestants I think that they usually have very bad song choices that don't really showcase their talents, and are frankly just boring to watch. So it surprises me that they are doing so well on iTunes.
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