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Re: Was the reveal of the Enterprise-A a big surprise?

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What evidence is there that the Constitution-Class was being phased out at the time of TVH? Yes, the Excelsior was state of the art, but it was also an experimental prototype that was just getting ready for "trial runs" three months prior in TSFS, when it was sabotaged by Scotty. It would likely be years before the Excelsior class was put into full production and the Connies phased out of active service. So, I don't see it odd at all that new ships of that class were still being produced at this time.
Admiral Marrow's comments gave me that impression. Why decommission Enterprise if Constitution-class vessels are to continue being used? She was badly damaged but salvageable. Why not do another refit as Scotty suggested?
That only speaks to ships of the Enterprise's age, not the entire class. The Admiral felt a refit would be wasted on a ship of that age. But there easily could have been many Constitution-Class ships that were of a younger vintage that were still serviceable.
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It may not have happened at the exact time I'm suggesting, but it's likely production of new ships stopped in the late twenty third century.
Sure, but since the 1701-A was launched in the mid 2280s, that leaves 15-20 years left before the beginning of the 24th century & nearly 80 years before the NextGen era, where we see an absence of the Constitution-Class. There is no reason to believe that Starfleet wasn't still constructing new Connies in the 2280s-90s while developing the new Excelsior-Class. Once the new class was in production (In say, the 2290s-2410s), no new Connies were built and as they were replaced with the newer Excelsior-Class as they were removed from service, a process that likely would have taken decades as the ships reached retirement age. Sure, we don't see any Connies after the 1701-A was retired, but we don't see much of anything between TUC and TNG.
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