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Re: The U.S.S. Bozeman's experience?

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The experience on the Enterprise seemed to get out of hand pretty quickly (17 days) whereas on the Bozeman (lost 80 yrs earlier) they didn't seem bothered at all. I wonder if they did experienced anything at all, and if they did, what the writers came up with.

Also, I wonder if they on the Bozeman only began to experience something like the Enterprise did once the Enterprise entered the expanse and the two ships began colliding with each other. Maybe if they hadn't, if it were just the Enterprise lost in the expanse, IT wouldn't have felt anything at all for years on end either until some other ship caused ITS temporal loop to be interrupted.
I've always kind of assumed from the episode that there were two distinct temporal effects going on here. The first one is your standard (for Trek anyway) "Yesterday's Enterprise"-style temporal anomaly. This is what brought the Bozeman forward from 2278. According to, the Enterprise crew constantly referred to it as a "highly localized distortion of the space-time continuum". Bozeman flew into the distortion in 2278 and emerged in 2368 almost instantaneously, much like Enterprise-C came forward from 2344 to 2366.

The temporal loop effect was specific to the Enterprise. The characters speculated in the episode itself that the loop was caused by their ship exploding so close to the temporal anomaly.

So from the Bozeman's POV, they wouldn't experience a loop, or deja vu, or anything like that. If anything, they'd maybe relive the amount of time over from the time they emerged from the anomaly to the time the Enterprise exploded, but that's only a minute or two at most. And they should have only experienced this for the same amount of time the Enterprise crew did--17 days.

Anyway, that's my personal take on it, from back when I first saw the episode. I'm not sure it agrees with any of the novels' interpretations, but based on what someone wrote above, I guess it'd be closer to Ship of the Line, but it's been so long since I read that that I don't remember the details.
I always shared this interpretation. How could the Bozeman be looping through its impact with the Enterprise decades before the Enterprise shows up?

Poor Bozeman, two separate temporal anomalies right at once! Stay out of the Typhon Expanse, I guess.
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