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Re: TOS movie era Novels?

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Sorry about mistyping the name. I know his correct name but haven't had a lot of sleep lately.

Do you remember which characters were shared between Vulcan's Glory and Legacy? I thought the chief engineer was interesting and would like to read more about her.

As for the rest, thanks for the info as always.
I just checked my notes (I used to have a Pike website, which might be out on the Internet still if I could remember what the host was), and I don't think there are any shared (non-canonical) characters between Legacy and Vulcan's Glory. The flashes of the Pike era in Legacy are really brief.

Caitlin Barry, chief engineer in Vulcan's Glory, does, however, reappear in The Rift, the beginning of which is set in the Pike era.

EDIT: Ah, it does still exist: There's some conjectures there I wouldn't stand by anymore, not to mention some outright errors, and it's hugely out of date, but there you go.
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