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Re: Stargate SG-1 - First time viewing of whole series

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Seems they had a time travel ship that just so happens to be nearby...but it needs an Ancient to fly it. Jack due to his mental downloads is chosen, although I don't get why Daniel wasn't a candidate to fly the time ship, he did ascend after all.
O'Neill's ability to fly the timeship actually has more to do with his Ancient gene. Ancient technology is DNA encoded so only an Ancient can use it, but some humans possess a gene which make Ancient tech recognize them as an Ancient. O'Neill does, Daniel doesn't. This is explained better in Atlantis.

Even after The Trust infected Gou'ald place a 'snake' in Kinsey they are still not friends. Wouldn't the Gou'ald in Kinsey be aligned with the others? Even if Kinsey himself wasn't. That bit lost me.
It's common for Goa'uld to willingly sacrifice another to advance their own goals. When Kinsey Snakehead realized his place on the totem pole, he was naturally pissed.
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