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Re: Things Starfleet needs to fix already on its ships.

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Someone needs to explain why a good 95% of Starfleet Admirals are either:

a) The bad guy
b) Wrong about something
c) Lame

They really do seem to promote all the dickheads. Its a wonder anything gets done.
To be fair, that applies to all procedurals of any genre ever. Police dramas, medical dramas, detective dramas. You name it, the boss's boss is a lame a-hole.

Armor wouldn't do any good in the 24th century when weapons vaporize. And nobody but Data could move in duranium plate mail.

I want to know why no military in the 24th century that realized having a large amount of small, maneuverable ships is better than having a small amount of huge ships that blow up if you nick the warp core.

And why ships don't rotate the phase frequency of their shields all the time.
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