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Re: Which species from Trek do you most identify with?

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Your admiration is for their devotion to duty and country, but what I'm trying to point out is that to have that devotion they have to turn a blind eye to their harsh intolerance of dissent. There's devotion and there's blind devotion. Garak understood the difference, but we've only seen a handful of Romulans who did.
Thank you for your thoughtful answer! The handful of Romulans who understood the difference are the reason I admire their people. Their society is a work in progress, but the potential for something greater is there.

JirinPanthosa wrote:
...and I share Sisko's doubts that they left Benzite after the Dominion War was over.
Was it Sisko or Odo who said that? I vaguely remember Odo making a comment that amused Kira to no end during that discussion.

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