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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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Nevertheless, it's true and consistent with the re-imagining of the characters as corrupt parodies of the originals (with the exception of McCoy-- and Chekov, I suppose).
No its not. It's hyperbolic BS. If you think that a woman at a bar picking up drinks for a her friends, who is hit by a guy and uses humor and sarcasm to shut him down is a "bar babe". Then I think you might want to turn in your feminist card. Ditto, if you assume that a woman who has scored in the top of her class and expects a position commensurate with that, challenges the person who gives her a lesser position. Nothing in their exchange implies Uhura was manipulating Spock through sex. That you think so speaks to your opinion of women, which doesn't seem very positive. Get your mind out of that gutter in the 1950s.
Also, recall that she's assigned to Farragut in the first place because of Spock attempting to avoid an appearance of favoritism. Rather than "manipulating him" it's a case of "Remember I'm not just your girlfriend, idiot, I'm also damned talented and I deserve to be on Enterprise."

ETA: Also, no JJ for Doctor Who! But that's because I want it to stay as British as possible in production, especially the directors and producers; I love his work otherwise.
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