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Re: MAN OF STEEL - Grading & Discussion

Well I'm just hoping that whatever they DO set up for Krypton stays the norm for a little while - I'm kinda tired with all these 'reinventions' of Krypton every time some writer goes "y'know we should make it look like this... again."

I mean Byrne sorta rode the Donner train back in 86 (And really it was only like less than 10 years since Superman 1 and there were still Reeves movies being made and hell his Superman looked like a much bulkier Christopher Reeve) Then sometime in the past decade or so they started to Silver Age Krypton, dumping all or most of the established comics Krypton stuff.

I'm kinda interested in seeing more of this style of Krypton and Kryptonians in the future - it looks pretty distinct and far more original than the recycled Flash Gordon designs of the 50s-70s or the crystal sterility of the Donner era.

The new suit is starting to grow on me too - I'm kinda digging the quasi-armor look actually. looks better than the "New 52" suit which IS far more armor. This looks more like chainmail/underarmor - which is kinda pointless for a man who's skin can bounce bullets - but it looks a lot better than spandex or that goofy spandex with the overly complex textures.

Granted this is an overly complex suit too - but for some reason all the texture and "high def" detail works better than the 'Returns' suit.
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