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Re: Starfleet Academy Series

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However, I wouldn't want it in Abrams' universe, where (only seen ST09 so far) Starfleet appears pretty unprofessional and the late 24th century prime setting (if it still exists) could be too remote for the average viewer.
My preference would be the middle 23rd century, several years before TOS. During this time period the Federation would have been quite a bit smaller than in later years and it would be possible for the cadets on their summer cruise to reasonable reach "The Frontier" from Earth during the limit time they would be aboard a ship.

It occurs to me that this would be during the time Lt. Kirk would have been an instructor at the academy, and this could be the tie in to the previous series. But I wouldn't want Lt. Kirk to be a main character, a reoccurring one perhaps.

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Combining campus life, with some starship time, with character development, with a stressful setting, with multiple diverse alien cultures, this is where the a Starfleet Academy show will be set.
Really, how much "diverse alien culture" can be depicted in San Francisco? I don't buy it. Are you suggesting ...
The "diverse alien cultures" would be the academy itself.

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