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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

Well, it wasn't much a surprise that Doc was revealed to be an Evil Scientist during the Pale Wars, but I still like it.

And Zombies? Sure, why not? As things are going now it will probably be revealed that it was all a biological weapon created by our dear Doc and all hell will break loose between the Votans and the Earth Republic and Defiance is caught in the middle.

This weeks Doc: "Cool it Tiger. I'm too old for you."

And the episode was channeling Star Wars a few times:

"You want me to join the evil empire?"
"We're not an empire! You will be given regional governership."

"Control your hatred!"

Oh, and I think Defiance is a bit bitter that it is not on HBO. There is a lot of bathing but since there can't be sex they'll talk alot about sex instead WHILE bathing.
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