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Re: DC Comics' Star Tek (1st Series)

Just finished a complete re-read of the first DC series last night, including three Annuals, two movie adaptations (III & IV) and two issues of "Who's Who in Star Trek"

It's been a couple decades since I last read through these. My memories were that the first bunch of issues were great, that it floundered around as an inconsistently-written mess with generally great artwork for a couple years, then was really just hitting its stride again when Paramount pulled the plug.

Re-reading it over the last week, I can't find a single reason to change any of those opinions. The run of issues starting with 17 all the way through 47 is, frankly, disappointing. Oh, there are definite high points - Diane Duane's three issues - but with the rest it's best to keep expectations fairly low.

Issues 1 - 16 (written by Mike W. Barr) and 48-55 (written by Peter David) are as good as Star Trek comics have ever been, and probably ever will be. (Issue 56, the final issue, was clearly kept around in case someone missed a deadline, and was only published because it was already bought and paid for. It's pretty bad, both art and story-wise.)

I really disliked Michael Carlin's work at the time, and was elated when he went off to do the TNG miniseries in 1987, opening up the opportunity for Peter David to come aboard. Upon re-reading Carlin's work, I feel I was unfair to him, for its not significantly worse than anything else done between Barr and David.

There were attempts to establish a continuity during those years, but the writer turnover every 2 to 8 months prevented anyone from establishing anything like a "voice" in the line. So I'm not saying Len Wein, Mike Carlin, Bob Rozakis and Tony Isabella (and all the one-shot writers) were simply bad writers. They may very well have been able to write awesome stuff, had they stuck around long enough to really take hold of the book and shake it around some.

So, in short, this is a mediocre series of comics, with 16 amazing issues at the beginning and 8 awesome issues at the end -- and some great Annuals and movie adaptations along the way. The rest is pretty much a mess, story-wise, but has great art.
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