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Re: How about a captain Pike(bruce Greenwood) series?

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That's because, like him, you misunderstand the question. Do you have children ? If a child asks her father "why is the Sky blue, daddy ?" do you think "because it's not red" is a valid answer ? Pointing out to the child that there are many different colours is not only trivial but insulting, because that's actually the reason why the kid is asking: she wants to know the cause, not the effect.
This is precisely the point C.E. Evans was trying to make. Not everything has a root cause. It's also possible that the root cause may be known but not completely understood. If my son or daughter asked me why the sky was blue, I would try to answer the question as best I could, but I would also explain to them that I don't know everything. That's not the sort of answer a child wants to hear. Most children don't realize that their parents don't know everything. But it's the truth, and to lie to a child merely because they're too young to know better is despicable. There are ways of answering a child's questions in a way that's appropriate for his or her age without side-stepping the issue in the process.

Belz... wrote:
I'm very much aware that people have opinions. I happen to have those myself, odd as that may seem. But discussion is, in part, a way to either understand or resolve differences, so basically telling me I shouldn't ask people about their opinions in order for me to understand them better on the reasoning that "that's just the way it is" seems counter-productive. You'd have only threads of people stating their opinions and never discussing anything.
I don't recall anyone saying that you shouldn't ask questions. The problem that I have with your line of questioning is that it assumes there must be a logical reason for everything when in fact there may not be. Not everything can be explained in a way that makes sense: that's not a cop-out. It's not meant to patronize. It is what it is. I can't put it any other way than that because there isn't another way to explain how I feel.

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