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Re: THE HOBBIT (2012/2013): News, Rumors, Pics Till Release

The trailer didn't really excite me. I like the first Hobbit, but its more annoying parts were a lot of the obvious additions (the albino orc being especially annoying). This looks like it gets more crazy with the additions, and even screws up scenes. The barrel scene in the book did not need to be another action scene, but the trailer is making it look like they're fighting in the barrels as they're going down the river (which is both stupid and probably physically impossible) and there looks to be atleast one uneeded, new action scene with Legolas and the stupid brand new elf. this is what happens when you stretch a book over three movies when it doesn't have nearly enough material. The people making these movies are good, but they are not Tolkien when it comes to this series. They are definately not improving the story by only losely adapting the book (and at this point it is just a loose adaptation). Almost every addition annoyed me in the first one, and not because I'm obsessed with a movie not making any changes from the book. They were just mostly bad (or pointless) changes. I'm not saying Hobbit 2 will be bad, I'll probably like it about as much as I did the first Hobbit, but all of these changes are just dragging the original story down.
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