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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

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TNG was a great show, but I felt it never worked in movies - I also felt Generations was the best one, despite its flaws, like 'Mr. Tricorder' bit, because it is the only one where the TNG characters still seemed in role from the TV Series - example: in FC and Ins, Picard suddenly became an "action" captain, who bucked orders to do what HE wanted, which is very different from the Picard we knew in the series, and never rung as "authentic" to me ...
But there are serveral episodes in which Picards does the Action Jackson. The one with the terrorists on board, during the cleansing of the Enterprise, for example.
It isn't just about Picard "doing" action, though... he's a Starfleet officer, it stands to reason he'd be just as competent with combat as Kirk (indeed TNG stated outright from the very beginning that Picard was a tactical genius earlier in his career and that his assignment to the Enterprise was simply a different type of mission -- diplomacy and long term exploration -- to his earlier times as skipper of the Stargazer).

No, the problem isn't Picard suddenly being an "action" hero... it's like Cadet49 suggests, it's more ingrained than that. Picard of the movies is a rebellious spirit. He ignores his orders in both First Contact and Insurrection. In the latter movie he actually rebels completely against the chain of command. And he's got a reckless streak in Nemesis (cf. the Dune buggy sequence) which is just hideously out-of-character. The Jean-Luc Picard of the TV series would never have done any of these things. And that's exactly what set him apart from Captain Kirk.
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