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Re: TOS movie era Novels?

I've got a few more questions for my Extended DC vol.2 timeline I'm building.

1. Michael J Feilding wasn't a regular writer for DC Vol.2 but he did contribute a few stories and was the regular writer of the TNG sister title. How well do his novels correspond to DC Vol. 2 continuity? They would be Legacy, My Brother's Keeper trilogy, Double Double, Faces of Fire, and Shadows on the Sun? Does My Brother's Keeper stay consistent with Kirks back story in "Starfleet Academy" or "Star Crossed"?

2. I read that Legacy has connections with Vulcan's Glory. To what extent and in what form?

3. Christopher mentioned that his novel Forgotten History depicts the end of the 5-Year-Mission. How does this correspond with the version in "Star Crossed"

Thanks and have fun,
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