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Re: DS9 Caption Contest 76; An awkward situation

Sloan: (thinking) I'm really not a very good covert agent. I always explain everything to everybody.

Jake: And now, with the Age verifying software offline, we can take this runabout to Risa!

Dukat: Ah, join me at my table.
Sisko: No.
Kira: No.
Worf: No.
Odo: No.
O'Brien: No.
Dax: No.
Bashir: No.
Quark: No.
Jake: No.
Nog: No.
Rom: No.
Leeta: No.
Martok: No.
Weyoun: No.
Damar: No.
Dukat: Wow. Tough room.

Besides their telekinesis, the extreme body odor of Vorta was also never referenced again in DS9.

Sisko: You'll poke your eye out with that thing!
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