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Re: Falling Skies, Revolution, and Defiance

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. . . and Xena.
Children just don't understand.

The Golden Age of sci-fi was when sci-fi was mainstream entertainment and not just a nerd-niche, which means THE FIFTIES AND THE SIXTIES. That was when sci-fi was everywhere and studios, networks and publishers saw it as a go-to subject for making money and therefore didn't wring their hands as much about producing it.
Oh, I thought that was the Bronze Age
Nah, that was the eighties and nineties.

I'm 49
Shoot. I'm 43. Hey there old-timer!

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I think the only reason I'm watching Defiance is because it feels like a smaller lamer version of Babylon 5. It's about a bunch of unhappy alien races living together in a single location.

Oh my god, that IS it!!!!
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