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Re: Alien races you would like to have seen expanded upon?

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Wasn't there also supposed to be a return of the Vaadwaur in a future VOY episode?

As for DS9's Hunters, I believe the plan was that they and the Tosk are members of the Dominion. Notice how much the Tosk look like 'prototype' Jem'Hadar? They even have exactly the same 'shrouding' ability. Reportedly both the Tosk and the Jem'Hadar were created from the same 'original' race (the Hunters are the navigators/trackers of the Dominion, and the Tosk were basically given to them by the Founders as gifts).

A Hunter was even supposed to take the helm of the Defiant (while piloting it to the Founders' homeworld) in "Broken Link" but for some reason this was changed to a Jem'Hadar at the last minute.
I liked the Vaadwaur in their one episode. A tragic people that have both redeeming and villainous elements. Also if they appeared further more as villains... which you'd think Janeway would be all over figuring out how to use those subspace corridors.. they'd be relying on cunning to be threatening rather than brute force.

I've heard about the Tosk being a prototype or lesser version of the Jem'Hadar and the similarities definitely are there. I never heard about a Tosk taking the helm in Broken Link. That would've been a neat touch. Surprisingly diplomatic too.
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