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Something not too different from all those ludicrous ideas from the 90's "Superman" movie scripts.

-Suit's not traditional
-Kryptonian culture is different from Donner
Why wouldn't the culture be different from Donner's version? It's not like Richard Donner invented Superman or Krypton. His movie's version of Kryptonian civilization was a radical reinvention. For the previous four decades, Krypton had developed more along the lines of your standard Flash Gordon-style futuristic society with colorful costumes and flying cars and whatnot (in the premiere of the '50s TV series, they even wore reused costumes from Flash Gordon serials). And the versions of Krypton seen in subsequent adaptations like the syndicated Superboy, Lois and Clark, and Superman: The Animated Series were all distinct from the Donner version too, as was the version glimpsed in the early seasons of Smallville (as reflected in things like the technology design of Clark's ship).

It wasn't until Superman Returns came out that the Donner-style sterile-white-crystals Krypton made a comeback -- specifically because it was meant to be in the same universe as the Donner films, allowing for a sliding timescale -- and then Smallville and the comics began following suit in order to ride the movie's coattails.
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