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I think you'll find most people who don't accept Pine and Quinto are 24th century Star Trek fans.
Raging that its not Picard or Janeway or Sisko on screen.
This ties in with my own (completely unscientific) pet theory that it's mostly TNG-era fans that have issues with the new movies, because they're not "intellectual" or "utopian" enough--as opposed to us old-school TOS fans who grew up on a STAR TREK that was both "cerebral" and good, old-fashioned space-opera adventure.
A theory I share. It would seem the only venue that would satisfy them would be a TV series that would have room and time to explore some of the themes that are necessarily given short shrift in a 2 hour movie once every 3-4 years.
This strikes me as generalizing the critics of the movies in order to delegitimize those critics. I think you'll find enough exceptions and qualification to these generalizations to make them pointless.
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