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Re: Atheism, and "Bread and Circuses"

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Well, thanks to Shawnster for posting those examples, which are common knowledge. The question wasn't what are such examples, but rather, what examples does suarezguy have in mind, and what point is he trying to prove with them?

We'll just have to wait for him to let us know....
This thread is taking some weird turns.

My understanding of the episode was that it was basically a rip-off of an old sci-fi story about astronauts chasing after Jesus from world-to-world. I think the author was mentioned on page one.

One of the many problems with canon is the expectation of retroactive continuity between stories. In the late 1960s, you could not have a happy team of avowed atheists Trekking the stars. It's not just that technology changes in the real-world, making certain "futuristic devices" antiquated, but our moral sensibilities change too. Accept that it's just a show, and a show of it's time, and it is easier to shrug off these questions.
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