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Re: Shatner moderated a TNG reunion in Boston 6/8/13

Then Shatner came out and did his thing for about an hour. The first question someone asked was "Queen to queens level four" and he had no clue what the girl was talking about.

I think its amazing when "we fans" think our stars are as obsessively aware of trek dialogue as we are. Especially when many of the actors admit to never watching the shows because they were IN them and can't watch without being supercritical about their performances.

Shatner was pretty irreverent both days, as is his usual.

Marina was a HOOT sat night! "I made sure there was NOTHING of Marina in Troi, since Troi is so good." Had you been there Saturday night you would have heard Marina tell the story of how she was placed on a domestic terrorist watch list by a disgruntled TSA officer. (Michael Dorn Played the TSA officer as she played "herself" in a quick vignette. Again, WHAT a HOOT!)

If you saw Denise Crosby's talk, you might have heard "part 2" of a discussion from Sat night, about how would Denise play things now vs as a 25 year old neophyte actress. That discussion came about after Several of the actors mentioned the blatent racism of a season 1 ep (Code of Honor?) and how at that stage they felt too unempowered to stand up to the producers. Denise and Gates also mentioned how blatant sexism was another problem that the female actors had to deal with in season 1.

I wanted to ask Gates to expound on that, given the rumors as to why she left for a year, but since she only touched on it briefly, I figured she didn't want to be pushed on that question.

Le Var and Marina were great as a duo Sunday, and I think the con people should seriously pair the actors with a partner when they throw them out on stage, just to let them riff on each other. That gives us what we want anyway, a glimpse into the "working life/relationships" of our fav actors.

Rene & Na Na were awesome too, and just as nice in the autograph line.

Nichelle Nichols is still beautiful, but I think the folks at Creationent. need to limit her to the 1 on 1 stuff with her fans, autographing and photo-ops. She's the same age as Shatner and Nimoy, and still has an enchanting smile, but is definately showing signs of aging.

The venue was much nicer than two years ago at the Hyatt... we loved shopping in the mall in between talks, and just hanging around the street/inner courtyards when we wanted air. Luckily I was too late to actually get a room at the host hotel and was staying outside the reach of the power outage on Sunday.
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