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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

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There's a line in IV that goes something like "the president said the transmissions were directed at the oceans" and then they deduce they were directed at humpback whales. But as far as I remember the president doesn't actually say the transmissions were directed at the oceans! (I guess a line was cut.)
Ah, yes. I remember noticing that.

FEDERATION PRESIDENT (on viewscreen): This is the President of the United Federation of Planets. Do not approach Earth!
FEDERATION PRESIDENT (OC): The transmissions of an orbiting Probe are causing critical damage to this planet.
FEDERATION PRESIDENT (on viewscreen): It has almost totally ionised our atmosphere.
FEDERATION PRESIDENT (OC): All power sources have failed. All orbiting starships are powerless. The Probe is vaporising our oceans.
FEDERATION PRESIDENT (on viewscreen): We cannot survive unless a way can be found to respond to the Probe. Further communications may not be possible
FEDERATION PRESIDENT (OC): Save your energy, Save yourselves.
FEDERATION PRESIDENT (on viewscreen): Avoid the Planet Earth at all costs. ...Farewell.
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