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Re: TNG fans please identify yourselves ...

Hi folks, i usually frequent the 'general Trek' forum

My name is Mark Smith and i'm involved in fundraising and PR for an Urban Arts centre in Liverpool - England. I write allot in my spare time and have a journalism background

Besides Trek i like the Sopranos and the shield, as well as retro classics like Transformers Knite Rider, the A team etc...
I love Liverpool Football (soccer) Club too cahmpions of Europe!

I love TNG and its a toss-up between that and DS9 for me, although i have to admit if someone offered to make me a new season of either show - i'd choose TNG

I loved the Trek movies and remember seeing TSFS at the cinema, TWOK was also played nearly every day even when i was a kid.

I remember getting some action figures of Picard, Worf, and La Forge back in 89, and my interest was peaked, I then started following it religiously and still have the DVD's (although not all of them which saddens me!)
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