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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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If Starfleet was planning to go to war larger ships would be a necessity to carry troops and supplies. A ship like the Vengeance would be very useful under that type of scenario.
I was actually okay with the gigantic size of the Vengeance. It was supposed to be a big, scary warship with room "to carry troops and supplies."

BillJ wrote: View Post
These ships are grains of sand on a beach compared to the size of a star system. I don't think the larger sizes really constitutes an issue except for those who are locked in on how big ships should be based on the prior series/movies.
I think the thing that bothered me more about the Enterprise's embiggening was the fact that they did it in such a simplistic manner. Instead of making a 725m model for the ship, they just doubled the size of the 366m model and it looks off. All of the outer windows and ports just got bigger instead of being spaced out more and/or more added.

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