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Re: Trek II ~ Khan's Wife

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But here again, Obi's story is not Luke's motivation. Aside for his thirst for adventure, Luke is pretty apathetic to the whole idea until he finds Owen and Buru murdered. There is clear on-screen evidence that it was storm troopers who did it. It is then that Luke sets-off to rescue a princess and maybe roll some Imps in the process. It is the Empire--or rather Tarkin as its figurehead--that's the villain in Star Wars, not Vader. Vader is the foil.
You are calling Vader the foil, but from the opening attack on the Blockade Runner, Vader was sold as the figurehead, no matter Tarkin's position on the Death Star. Later in the film, Kenobi's tale served to hammer the fact Vader was a longstanding evil from years gone by--one Luke could relate to as he was said to be his father's murderer.

Yes, Owen & Beru's deaths served as a motivator, but Kenobi told his fiction for a reason. There would be no reason to create such a story unless he wanted it to prod Luke into joining the cause. That story--sans visual reference--contained a wealth of information to make the wheels trun, and again, serve as a point of inspiration to Luke.

I'd sure like to know where I did this. All I've done is defend it from hypocritically-biased attacks so completely void of reality, truth, or fact they only serve to promote an agenda.
How easily you miss your own hostile, one-sided, bias-driven thought in the reply above. It suggests nuTrek is beyond deserved criticsm, which its defenders attempt (and fail) to spin as "hypocritically-biased attacks so completely void of reality, truth, or fact."

Sound familiar?

It's not about clarity but substance. I already said that.
...yet there was no outcry that the Marla reference lacked substance. The audience accepted Khan's story--just as they accepted Chekov's spitting, compressed story of Khan's revival. It was more than enough, and we did not need to see relevant scenes from "Space Seed" along the way.

[quote]Still not relevant to Brody's narrative.[/quute]

Brody's was not the only narrative guiding/shaping the story, and Quint provided a necessary contrast to the relationship each had to the sea/the shark.

But again it's not so much about showing the event as showing it's the defining force in Khan's motives.
Let's get down to it: did YOU have difficulty understanding the defining force in Khan's motives? Easy question.

Here's the thing: Rhue was just in a wheelchair. Though I have no way of knowing, I assume her health was otherwise more or less okay most of the time.

My mom has MS. While she does have bad days, most of the time she gets about just fine. Rhue continued working until 1996. So it's safe to assume she would have been perfectly able to do would have probably been only a couple of days of shooting.
I have a close relative with MS, and from his experiences, most symptoms and relapses are as individual as fingerprint, so there's no way to say what Rhue's status was at any time--particularly at time nearly a decade before any disease-modifying drugs hit the market. More often than not, steroids were used to treat flare-ups, but that did not slow the progression of the disease, thus any assumptions about Rhue's condition are of the wild guess variety at best.

So the only reason left not to recast is this silly notion that's currently running amok that suggests TOS characters are sacrosanct and immune to recasting.
Khan was not a recast. Why? Because RM was such a force in the original role, that no one else would be able to replicate his aura and unique delivery. Bennet, et al were correct, as opposed to pulling a Dick Sargent--which no one appreciated.
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