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Re: Star Trek 4x Game

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Should be 4X game blast my dyslexia!
I edited the title for you. No idea what a 4x game is either!!

I loved BOTF - would be great to play another one like it.

4X is the name for games like BOTF. It sort of a sub genre within stratergy games. It stands for explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate.

There are a number of good games like that out there by indi game makers, My fav are sins of a solar of a empire, Distant worlds, Stardrive (really good new one) and Galatic civ 2 and there are some really good startrek mods out there for some of these games. Unforunatly because of game engine constraints there does not seem to be a perfect Ent->Voyger mod that includes all cannon ships and some from the other games where there is gaps.

BUT stardrive looks promiseing and seems to have the potential to make a really good startrek mod. But the team lacking 3d moddling experts.
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