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Shanndee wrote: View Post you use a standard tomato sauce with tuna or is there something else more complimentary? <she asks in puzzlement...still having a hard time getting her own head around tuna on a pizza>
Seafood pizza is often an option, depending upon your locale. Sometimes it's done with a white sauce, but also red. But it can be a variety of things like just one type of seafood (e.g. shrimp), or a medley of several kinds (I once had a clam/mussel/squid/fish version). I had heard of tuna pizza before, but have never had it. It's a tricky thing, as it really needs to be good tuna (cheap canned is the worst). Think of "tuna casserole" where the tuna is heated... and then you can believe in a pizza topped with it.

TheSeeker wrote:
Pineapple is AWESOME on pizza. END OF DISCUSSION!
But it really has to have the ham along with it too... Hawaiian style!
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