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Re: TOS: The Folded World by Jeff Mariotte Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I don't really enjoy the TOS era novels. The era just doesn't hold much interest for me, but I do keep up with them as they come out. Thankfully, some are pretty good stories but that said, Allegiance in Exile, Devils Bargain, Weight of Worlds and now The Folded World have come together and have proved to be a bit gruelling. And now The Shocks of Adversity just dropped through my letterbox !

Having just finished The Folded World I have to say it is the worst of the bunch. Allegiance in Exile was superior, Devils Bargain an unexpectedly pleasant revisit with the Horta and The Weight of Worlds a real romp.

Whilst not being completely unenjoyable, The Folded World was a hugely missed opportunity. The cover grabbed me - I expected to explore an interesting spacial anomaly, resolve a mystery, some alien ships, another Constitution class and (most tempting) an older Starfleet ship.

The anomaly remained an unexplained plot device, the fate of the crews likewise and the ships entirely unexplored. The story itself was O.K. - it would have been an average TOS episode. The author had a basic grasp of the characters, but the dialogue didn't always feel quite right.

I really could do with a break from TOS - roll on the rest of the year ! Anyway, on to The Shocks of Adversity...
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