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Re: Starfleet Academy Series

Harry Potter didn't even bother abiding by its own world-building. If Voldy supporters were as few and rare as the first six books would have had us think, why wasn't there a wizarding civil war when he invaded the Ministry? And why didn't an international coalition of wizards swoop in to help take him down? It'd be like a revived Hitler taking over Berlin today. Even if contemporary Germans simply let that happen (a pretty offensive notion), one would think the rest of the world would have something to say about it. But Rowling's insistence on keeping her Chosen One at the center of everything required tossing any kind of coherent world-building out the Astronomy Tower window. That's not what Trek is about.

There was a similar dynamic in Smallville, but at least there it made in-universe sense, in that Clark was far more unique by his town's standards than Harry and Co. ever were.

No, there'll never be an Academy series, ever. Too high budgets for too little action with too little conflict. There's always the YA paperback books, though...
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