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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

At least I dont think so. Kara needs someone who would/could keep challenging her, someone like Anders. Lee needs, well, I dont know what kind of woman he needs....but I wouldnt throw Anastasia Dualla out of bed for eating crackers, I tell you what. :-)
Apparently you and TPTB are of a like mind according to Katee's interview clip. Can you imagine being some poor dumb slob writer stuck with the task of trying to write a story where Lee throws the incomparably lovely (and crazy about him) Anastasia Dualla over for Kara, who frakked Lee's brother, Baltar, and Anders instead of Lee even though she had ample chance? Lee would look like the biggest dumbass who ever lived.

As much as I thought the actor was lacking, Anders is a better match for Kara personality wise. If Connor Trinneer played Anders he'd have worked perfectly as a character. Dee is a better match for Lee. Lee and Kara are pseudo siblings.

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