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IMHO, the unresolved sexual tension between Lee and Kara is mainly symptomatic of two things: they have a great love for each other, primarily in a sibling sort of way. Like it or not, they're now basically family, brother and sister with Commander Adama as their father. It's a familial triangle. So, this deep fondness they have for each other coupled with both of them being in desperate need of good, prolonged shaggings has made them mistakenly think that their gettin' familiar in the biblical (or is it scrollical in the BSG universe?) sense would complete them. It wouldnt. At least I dont think so. Kara needs someone who would/could keep challenging her, someone like Anders. Lee needs, well, I dont know what kind of woman he needs....but I wouldnt throw Anastasia Dualla out of bed for eating crackers, I tell you what. :-)
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