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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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For example, it is an objective fact that much of the last movie was devoted to staging variations on high points in The Wrath of Khan. As such, it is incontestably derivative. What cannot be objectively rated is how much this adds or detracts from the effect of the movie.
I found the device of nostalgia to heighten the experience personally. Possibly the loudness and excess too as they were thankfully rather well tuned, even if they make it harder to dare to watch it again.

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He's merely an operative for an admiral trying to instigate a war.
The admiral is the main villain. AFAIK that's something many people are afraid of currently, even if they have been before too. Khan is a monster he created. The fact that even he can be more helpful at parts than the admiral, adds to the uncertain atmosphere of current war politics.

I do see the characters are a bit juvenile but I accept that as they are hugely younger versions than the TOS versions, and show promise.

There is wisdom in the movie's view on violence that is not often found in Hollywood action movies, that is worthy of Trek.
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