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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

That's assuming Lee and Kara have any decent UST after they have the intercourse brawl. Once they shag, that's over. It's out of the way. So, if their other pairings work TPTB should dump them, or the other two characters should conveniently die just so Lee and Kara could get together?

Why do they have to get together? It's not written down. I'm at a few boards where they hate the idea of Lee and Kara with a passion. I'd rather see Bill and Laura get the screentime myself. Lee pining away like a puppy for her is so pathetic. He's pathetic when he looks at her with those moony eyes and I don't want her acting out of left field like some jealous sow when he's with Dee or Shevon or whoever. Why can't they just be friends?

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