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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

I tend to think they are trying to up the UST factor (unresolved sexual tension) with Kara and Lee by throwing in a few different relationships here and there.
A few spoilers have indicated they will shag this season and in one promo they apparently briefly kiss next episode. You will have to check out beyond insane for more info on that though. But I highly doubt this ship will ever be dumped completely. My advice for the K/L fans is enjoy the angsty ride and the bones the writers through you every now and again. Besides if they got together right now and were over the top happy even the most diehard K/L fan would be reaching for the bucket.
This is BSG otherwise known as Angst-o-rama that's why it's fun

About the planet episode....I just hope they don't run into Amelia Earhart remember the Voyager episode "The 37's" where they found a planet with other humans living there and they were thinking of staying?

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