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I don't agree with that at all, that's what keeps them afloat, and Wii Sports U isn't for E3 Nintendo Direct. What Nintendo's issue is I have NEVER seen an ad for Wii U, no one knows it's out.
The core Nintendo fanbase leads to Gamecube level sales. At best. Nintendo needs to do better than that.

Once they get word out they have a new system, that can play your Wii games and it's so much easier and cheaper than the others I think they will be fine.
Maybe. But Nintendo needs to do something more if they want to be the single console that a person owns, or if they are happy with being the 2nd console that someone owns in addition to the Xbox or Playstation.

They need to sit down with the 3rd parties and figure out how to get those games on the Wii U, despite whatever technical differences they may have against the PS4 and XBone. Ubisoft has been pretty good about that, what with Watch Dogs and AC4 coming to the Wii U, but that's about it for 3rd parties.

It would be nice (for me anyways) if Square Enix could be convinced to bring Final Fantasy back to where it started, on a Nintendo console.

Overall, I think Nintendo's presentation was ok. Nothing really convinced me that I need to get a Wii U yet though.
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