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Re: British series approach?

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...DS9 is certainly my least favoured flavour of Trek. Why? Frankly, I found "the war" just a little tiresome. For me, it dragged on and on and on - waaay overused. I wasn't that fond of the quasi-religious overtones that permeated the series either.
I wasn't interested at all in the DS9 war stuff. I stopped watching the series altogether around season five. Eventually, I caught the rest of the series, but I found every bit of the war story unimaginative and uninspired (although I did like "In the Pale Moonlight," so I guess not quite every bit).

I was fond of the religious stuff, the idea of transcendence of time and how both humans and alien cultures try to relate to the transcendent. It was something different Trek had never before tried. "Emissary," had a lot of promise with this stuff, but it never really delivered on that promise.
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