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Re: Starfleet Academy Series

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Combining campus life, with some starship time, with character development, with a stressful setting, with multiple diverse alien cultures, this is where the a Starfleet Academy show will be set.
Really, how much "diverse alien culture" can be depicted in San Francisco? I don't buy it. Are you suggesting there is a "Little Andoria" near the "Vulcan Compound" and around the corner from "Tellaritetown" that the various cadets can visit for a taste of home?

... be subjected to stories driven by teen angst?
Again, not the sole focus. But I think that some of the primary characters - secondary characters would show sign of angst, given the academy environment.
Sure, but why would anyone want to watch it?

Are the "youth demographic" really only attracted to shows about young people?
Exclusively? No. What is being proposed here is a show aimed a niche market, which is what many successful shows are today. And people who are pass their teens and twenties will watch a "youth" show if it is well made.
Sure they will. Color me skeptical.

Some of the ideas are good, but they're all basically saying that the "cadets" will be off doing things that trained officers usually do. So why have the characters be cadets? If you want a taste of the Academy in the show, just have the ensigns and junior lieutenants go back to the Academy for graduate-level courses occasionally.
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