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What does that say about Kirk, who spent the majority of his career commanding an obsolete Enterprise?
That he was a has-been for most of those years, and an outright outcast for some of them.

Picard is hardly unique in having lost his vessel. He commanded the Stargazer for more than twenty years before it disappeared. He had ample time to bolster his resume: one incident wouldn't diminish several years of service to Starfleet.
Definitely so. It's just that we only ever hear of his one screw-up and never of how he made amends in the following nine years.

What's known is that Picard gained command of the vessel at a young age due to the previous captain's death. Picard's biography states that he was born in 2305. The incident in which he took command of the Stargazer's bridge happened in 2333. The Stargazer was lost in 2355.
Alas, very little of this ever made it to the actual episodes. Certainly the past about Picard gaining command due to his skipper's death directly is apocryphal, and his young age is but one interpretation possible from the dialogue of "Conspiracy".

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