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Re: So I'm Watching "Chains of Command"

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I usually come to his [Jellico's] defense, because it's most common that people unjustly malign him because he is the new boss handing out orders to our beloved characters, when actually it's more obvious that Riker is in the wrong a great deal & due to the situation, Jellico seems bossy, but that may not be the reality, & we can't know the entirety of that reality, despite some people claiming otherwise

It's gone on too long & is a bore to anybody still reading it at this point, & I'm pretty much done, because I've stated what needs to be said. If people don't know the entirety of what this character is doing & why, which we don't, then it is a baseless argument to say he's doing something wrong

One last time, He is the captain, & the captain's orders are to be respected as having a legitimate reason, unless you're saying he's an unfit captain.
Very well said--I think you hit the "nail on the head."

An interesting semi-analogy to consider is Captain Christopher Pike. Many people like to bash Jeffrey Hunter as presenting a less appealing captain than Shatner did, and that the series was essentially "saved" by how the role ownership turned out. But we don't know how Jeffrey would have handled the role in the long run. His character was framed by the circumstances given, where Pike had just come off a really awful mission where crewmen died. Pike was worn out by the experience and starting to ponder about possibly resigning his commission. It was just one episode, and a difficult one for the captain at that. Same thing for the Jellico character. Thrust into a dire circumstance and not having much free time to do things the "easy way." But we don't get to see his character in other circumstances to get a good idea of how he really is as a starship captain.

And with that... I bid you all farewell.
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