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Re: Why was the Enterprise.. [Spoilers]

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Yeah, the worst part is the way it flew through the air in the same way it would in space, it should have had massive amounts of thrust coming from the thrusters with big plumes of smoke and it should have gone up more vertically aiming itself up to space as it goes. I know we saw voyager fly through San Francisco bay in the same way, but that's a much smaller ship (apparently) and a few hundred years in the future.

I actually didn't like the rockets under the saucer section. My thought is if they have figured out anti-gravity, what the need for thrusters in orbit?
I would guess it would be for redundancy in case what ever powers the anti-grav generators failed. Since they looked like chemical thrusters, it does make you wonder why they weren't using them to slow their descent into the atmosphere?
In space manuvering to match up with the Vengance, dropping out of the sky...The Enterprise almost has a thruster on every open outside plane. I thought it was neat and it does help to explain the command "full stop" as I don't see a set of impulse engines on the front of the saucer.

As far as them not using them to slow their decent well, thats because everything was offline until Kirk kicked back into place the bottom part of the Death Star core. Apparently power for all types of thrust is channeled thru the warp core on the NuEnterprise.
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