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Re: Been thinking its time to try Doctor Who

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but they do still have historical shows, including stories about WW2, Agatha Christie, ancient Venice, etc.
Except all those episodes are really about the 'aliens'. The history, like the future periods, is just a backdrop.
That is what I suspected. I might like it for what it really is though.
If you're really interested in the Pure historicals, and have no problem with Black and White TV and the slower pacing of TV shows in that time period, check out William Hartnell's First Doctor Era, about 1/3 of his stories are purely Historical (Though only 4 of his Historical Stories exist complete - The Aztecs, The Romans, and The Gunfighters, plus Reign of Terror is missing 2 episodes, which were recently Animated). Troughton's Second Doctor, had an historical in his second Story, and then they were pretty much discontinued. Although, there are many stories with Aliens/Monsters being fought in historical settings, and many times that Antagonist is messing about with our history.

If you want to get into the Current show, yea, start with Eccelston's first Episode Rose or Matt Smith's first episode The 11th hour (New Show runner, who is still the current Showrunner, and Matt Smith is the current Doctor)
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