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Re: Atheism, and "Bread and Circuses"

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If you truly think a person or commandment trumps all other considerations (indeed, all alternatives are invalid) and people must live their lives around it, aren't they essentially "deifying" it (feeling and acting towards it as people traditionally have towards god)? It is more obvious when the object of devotion is a particular person.
Still no. Religion is more than just proselytizing an idea (whether it is about a god or something else). The way you appear to want to define it, any movement that actively seeks to convince people it offers the best option for a given scenario (best political rule, best sports team, best way to educate and train, etc.) is the equivalent of a religion. That's a false equivalency and is often the prelude to intellectual dishonesty (of the kind usually practiced by creationists and promoters of "intelligent design" as a science).
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